All Obstacles School us in Divine Confidence by Graham Cooke

All Obstacles School us in Divine Confidence by Graham Cooke September 23, 2011

Vision is never static or one dimensional. It grows and develops as we do in Christ. Vision creates motion and provides momentum, and is a part of our normal paradox of stillness and movement.

Vision will expose our own frailties, which is both a relief and a release. The Holy Spirit helps us with things that we are not good at; either by cultivating a weakness into a strength or by giving us companions with strengths in those areas. It’s good to know one’s weakness because our fellowship with the Spirit turns everything into an asset. He is a genius at knowing us fully, loving us deeply and providing for us wholly.

The Holy Spirit uses vision to point to God’s purpose and a power that we can embrace in our deficiency. He uses vision to develop us. We see enough to get started and the remainder comes in increments that contain our faith, passion and obedience. Vision enhances the process of our growth and development in Presence and purpose.

Vision is a divinely empowered capacity to see something that doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm. It abides in the Spirit and only faith can make it visible. When we abide in Christ we become so much more visual. The Holy Spirit imparts that ‘seer’ gene to all of us in Christ. Vision is not a mind game. Rather God puts something into our hearts that our thinking must adjust to in Christ. As we learn to abide in the vision our perseverance is more enriched and our route of faith and patience more clearly defined. Faith and patience when combined are utterly irresistible (Hebrews 6:12). The promise always begs to be fulfilled. The DNA of a promise is completely compatible with faith and patience.

Obstacles are entirely necessary. They teach us what we need to know and do to succeed. Every obstacle has its own purpose under Heaven. Some teach us authority with power because only the violence of warfare in Jesus can cause a breakthrough. Some teach us a joyful perseverance, literally outlasting the enemy with a smile. The enemy is a being created to serve God. It’s in his DNA. Nothing has changed! His rebellion and exile from Heaven cannot remove him from his original purpose of serving God’s will (Romans 9:17). That’s funny!!

Some obstacles teach us trust, rejoicing, thanks and praise. They provide us with opportunities and encounters to experience upgrades as we travel. Obstacles make us focus on God’s intentions for us. They serve as reminders of grace, passion and promises. We refresh ourselves whenever we think of God’s intentions. Obstacles cause us to look up to the Heavens. Therefore we have to raise our sights higher than the difficulty. Always put your vision in front of the problem. In this way we are graced to discover the power of the one with the One!

When we have His vision we also possess His power and provision for its fulfillment. We partner with joy in all the obstacles that come our way. We can steward God’s heart towards people so that they do not grow weary, despondent or become unbelieving. When the Father gives us a clear vision He releases the power to walk with Him in fellowship and steward the grace of its fulfillment.

We see in Him the path and the goal. We learn how to stand, press in, and move out in total confidence in His Name and Nature. Obstacles school us in divine confidence. They are part of the means that empower us to inherit. The focus they provide commissions us to inherit more fully. Obstacles guarantee our abundance. They provide necessary schooling in patience and joyful perseverance. With their assistance we learn to become as intentional towards the Lord as He is with us.

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