Are YOU Here? by Pablo Giacopelli

Are YOU Here? by Pablo Giacopelli October 16, 2011

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“I AM who I AM” – God

Living in the present is something that many are talking about nowadays yet very few of us understand the meaning of it much less experience this phenomenon in our own daily lives. Too many of us unfortunately shy away from it in fear that it might be the product of some weird Far Eastern religion or cult, when in reality it is where live was always meant to be lived. You see most of us spend our time either in the past where we find our identity through what has happened to us or in the future hoping for the fulfillment that can somehow change what has already taken place.

We constantly swing from one end of the scale to another and by doing this we miss the only thing that we really have in any given moment and that is the present. The past is a present that was and can never be again and the future is a present that has not been yet and no matter how much you think about it you cant make it happen or affect it 100% until it is actually here. In fact, if you remain present you will not only arrive to a better future but you will arrive there better prepared for it. Many people have always ask me what is it like when you live present and so to answer this question I have decided to share with you a few instances in life we can all relate to, things we all experience from time to time and some of them even on a daily basis. They are simple things that have the potential to enrich our lives so much more than they currently do if we are fully present as they happen. Failure to be will mean that…

You sleep but you don’t rest

You look but you don’t see

You listen but you don’t hear

You feed yourself but you don’t eat

You talk but you don’t communicate

You smile but you are not happy

You think but you don’t understand

You touch but you don’t feel

You have sex but you don’t make love

You lock lips but you don’t kiss

You lend but you don’t give

You get but you are not blessed

You study but you don’t learn

You suffer but you don’t grow

You move but you don’t dance

You pray but you don’t relate

You have money but you are poor

You make noise but you don’t sing

You play but you don’t have fun

You lust but you don’t love

You breathe but you don’t live

You are here but you are not present.

Now take a moment and read this list again. This time stop and think each time you experienced some of these in your life where you felt something different than what you normally feel. As you take the time to listen to your heart you will hear it reminding you what it is like to be present, as it shows you what life can be like each day, and not just sometimes, if we cease from our efforts to rush through it in search of something we will never find anywhere else but right here in this present moment.

If you have been reading my blogs you will know or have at least realized that I am a spiritual person and not a religious one. This meaning that I am open to learning from all truth and not just from the one that comes packaged in a way that I feel safe with. When I first discovered the power of being present I naturally wanted to know more about this and it was in my searchings that I came across a passage where none other than God introduced himself when asked who He was by saying I AM, not I WILL or I WAS but I AM. In other words the One that is always present.

This discovery opened my eyes to understand that there is no time in eternity but just the present moment and so if there is no time and we like God are a spirit too, yes living within a body, nevertheless spiritual beings and we spend most of our time focusing on either the past or the future then we are unable to enjoy and see life as it was meant to be. This is because we are subjects to the limitations of our mind which needs an event from the past or the future in order to survive and rob us of the present. This I realized is why many of us often feel like we are constantly passengers instead of protagonists in our own lives as we are never fully present in the place where we can actually experience and affect them as they are happening. You see it is important to understand that in the present the accomplices of the mind like ego, worry, fear of the future, and anxiety, whom are guilty for taking us to either extreme cannot survive as they have nothing to attach themselves too. Here in the NOW the inner pendulum in your life stops swinging from one extreme to the other as you become still and centered and begin to live from that part of you that is connected to God and is eternal and limitless. That part we know as our spirit.

I realize that some of us reading this like to measure our progress in life and that a message like this at a first glance may seem like it would undermine such an approach. This of course could not be further from the truth as you will, as the many people I have either worked or currently I am working with and those in the video, find that as you learn to be present you will tap into a resource within you that will thrust your life to see and reach so much more and further than you can imagine or do by just living from your mind. You see being present will help you to discover the difference between toiling and working effectively. It will give you the ability to understand the reality that we were created to be human “beings” and not human “doings” and most importantly open your eyes to the stern truth that you have many blessings in your daily life but unfortunately never notice them as you are too busy inside you spending your time somewhere else instead of right HERE right NOW!

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