It is Love that Restores the Soul by Robert Ricciardelli

It is Love that Restores the Soul by Robert Ricciardelli May 22, 2012

Christianity got prostituted when people were told that they had to save their own souls. Saving ones soul as defined by men and their systems is completely different than falling in love with God. The systems may give you 10 or 613 steps to holiness, but outside of love, they all become impossible and unprofitable. Because people were told to save their souls, many became steeped in fruitless traditions and works that affirmed a false self. Unhealthy conservatism is incapable of true freedom and the love that God has so graciously given us. Jesus broke it down very simply to loving God and loving others. Restoration and the refreshing of our souls can only come from love.

Are you in a progression of love for your God and others?

Have you been gripped by trying to please God by works alone?

Are you engaged in works that are fueled by love, and empowered by God through you?

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