The Power of a Thankful Heart by James Ryle

The Power of a Thankful Heart by James Ryle July 26, 2012

“As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.” (Colossians 2:6-7).

thankful heartSeveral extraordinary happen to us when we purpose to always be thankful.

First – the power of a thankful heart keeps you from the destructive influence of bitterness, for it lifts you to a higher perspective and lets you see things from God’s point of view. Yes, people will treat you badly and unjustly; but the Lord works all things for your good. Be thankful, and watch Him work.

Second – the power of a thankful heart prevents you from falling into pride; for thankfulness presupposes humility. A grateful man is a humble man; and a humble man receives the grace of God to face and overcome all things.

Third – the power of a thankful heart cultivates peace of mind and composure of character. When your life becomes rooted and built up in the truth of God’s word, there is very little that can disturb your spirit.

Fourth – the power of a thankful heart increases your sense of purpose in God’s work, for you know that He has plans for you; plans to bless you, to prosper you, to use you as a blessing for others, and to bring your life on earth to a happy end.

Fifth – the power of a thankful heart gives you a confident assurance for the future — not only for the life you live on earth, but after you pass from this world into the next; you will enter His presence with thanksgiving, seeing you’ve practiced it your whole life.

Sixth –  the power of a thankful heart permeates the atmosphere with positive energy. Your outlook of faith is empowering for others who may not be able to see things so clearly. Your glad disposition brightens their dark moments, like Paul and Silas singing praise to God in the Philippian jail.

And finally – the power of a thankful heart honors God, for it dares to look beyond the obvious to see the actual. Circumstances may be bleak, and things may be bad; the economy of your life may be teetering on collapse, and situations may seem all but hopeless — but God is still in control. Your thankful heart demoralizes the powers of hell and glorifies your heavenly Father.

Abound in thanksgiving today and you’ll see I’m right. All these things and more will be yours!

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