True Simplicity by Dudley Hall

True Simplicity by Dudley Hall October 17, 2011

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:6 (ESV)

There is a major difference in naïveté and simplicity. One is passive neglect of available wisdom and the other is the discovery that complex issues can be viewed from another perspective and made solvable. God condemns naïveté but prizes simplicity.

For many the idea of finding their destiny or following the will of God is a complex issue. It is probably the result of buying into the myth that God’s way is difficult to find and follow. It neglects the reality that God is a Father who loves his children and delights in their walking in his way. He does everything short of overriding their dignity of choice to lead them into his way of blessings.

The Father’s instruction is to simply acknowledge him. What does that mean? It must include acknowledging his nature as Lord. He has the right to be the master of everything. He created and then redeemed it all. It means that he is present. He has gone to a lot of trouble to be present with us. Because of our sin, we were separated from holiness, but because of his atonement, we can constantly enjoy his presence. It means that he longs to bless and guide. He has made us his partners in the project of redemption in the earth and is more than willing to aid us in the fulfilling of our assignment. It means that we recognize that the kingdom of God has invaded the earth and that we are instruments of its implementation.

To acknowledge him is to bring his order into our situation. Remember the instruction to the twelve when Jesus sent them to the cities of Israel? He told them to announce, “The kingdom of God is at hand.” Then they were to demonstrate its presence by healing, delivering and forgiving. The apostle Paul believed that his proclamation of the gospel was accompanied by the presence of Christ himself. He was not just giving lessons on living. He was acknowledging the presence of the kingdom in his presentation.

What if we as his designated priests and kings would acknowledge him in each of our situations? Might there be a change in the spiritual atmosphere? If there is a change there, things can be accomplished that were previously prohibited. I challenge you to give it a try. It might be simpler than you thought.

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