Conflict Resolution in God by Robert Ricciardelli

Conflict Resolution in God by Robert Ricciardelli March 9, 2012

There seems to be conflict in everything we do that’s important. And the greatest conflict we battle is the conflict with self. The things we want to do, we do not do, and the very things we do not want to do, we end up doing. We want to give to others and we also want to keep more for ourselves. We want to stand up and make a difference, and we also want to remain in the background, hidden and safe. What is the self in “self control?” How do we view ourselves, and to Whom are we surrendering our control? Conflict resolution can only come from God, and our remaining connected to His best intentions for our lives.

Are you in conflict today?

What are you doing to resolve the conflict? Who is on the throne of your choices?

Will you surrender control today to Father God within you?

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