Dying For Something So Much More by Robert Ricciardelli

Dying For Something So Much More by Robert Ricciardelli October 5, 2011

We can live for nothing or die for something. People of faith have chosen to die to a lesser life in order to live in the greatest life. Dying is not easy and self does not like it much. Jesus said, “If you want to find your life, you must lose it.” He must increase and we must decrease for real life to be manifested. This is not a life of giving up our identity, it is a life of truly living in the life we were born to live. That is when His transforming love and power flows freely from our lives and for His glory.

Have you chosen the upper realm life God has prepared for you?

What areas must decrease in your life so the best within you can increase?

Willingly choose your empowered best life now.

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