Faith Overcomes the Intrusion of Fear by Robert Ricciardelli

Faith Overcomes the Intrusion of Fear by Robert Ricciardelli February 28, 2012

You cannot always control the external things in life, yet the internal things of your spirit are yours to control. It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there’s nothing you can do about them anyway. And why worry about the things you think you have control over anyways, as Spirit led people of faith? We must cease our participation in fear and worry as they have the ability to immobilize us and diminish the strength of our faith. I have yet to see fear be the driver of any success. I have however seen faith, hope, and love, overcome fear and manifest amazing victories.

Have you exhausted yourself in trying to manipulate or control things in your life?

Have you allowed worry and fear to get in your way of the rest that only God can provide?

Will you choose to confront your fears, and allow the peace of God to come into your life? Fear becomes an illusion as faith propels you into your destiny.

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