Fully Present in Your Present by Robert Ricciardelli

Fully Present in Your Present by Robert Ricciardelli February 24, 2012

Always pay attention to the present moment. There is no more important time in your life than living in your present moment, for it is your Presence filled “NOW.” Why resist what is happening today? And how productive would it be to turn our focus to the past or future and miss what God is doing right now? The past is the history of life, and the future is speculation, but real LIFE is happening at this very moment. Say “yes” to your life today, say “yes” to the season you are in while knowing that seasons change. Watch how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you as you become fully present in your present.

Do you catch yourself focusing on the good or bad of your past or hope or hopeless future?

God cares about your now, He desires to affect your every breathing moment beginning with now. Will you intentionally begin to focus on today, and depart from the thoughts that keep you from being engaged in your present moment?

The presence of God is with you, watch your life soar today, regardless of your past, and yet building the foundations for your brighter tomorrows.

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