God-given Dreams and Not Wishful Thinking by Robert Ricciardelli

God-given Dreams and Not Wishful Thinking by Robert Ricciardelli November 9, 2011

It’s good to dream but we have to know the difference between a God-given dream and wishful thinking. Beyond our wishes, we all have had dreams placed inside of us by God Himself. In fact, the Latin word for “desire” means “from the Father.” One way to tell if a dream is really from God is that the desire won’t go away. You may have had it for years, but you still can’t let it go, or rather, it won’t let go of you. Those are the desires that have been placed intentionally within us and will be used to guide us toward our destiny.

Are you dreaming about tomorrow?

Begin to discern what dreams God may want to clarify for His purposes.

Let those God-given dreams come to the surface and submit them to God for clarity and the next steps in your journey

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