God In Us, For Us, and Through Us by Robert Ricciardelli

God In Us, For Us, and Through Us by Robert Ricciardelli October 29, 2012

A deepening sense of God as imminent, present, here, and now, reveals the reality of God in us, God for us, and God through us. God becomes more intimate to us than we are to ourselves, and increasingly becomes more of who we actually are. We begin to recognize that the deepest part of who we are is God. God is no longer “out there,” and God himself is our counselor, and both day and night our innermost being instructs us. The secret mystery of God’s love affair with all souls has been made manifest, but with our own souls in particular, understanding that God loves us just as we need to be loved. It’s absolutely our own unique love affair, and that sets the whole thing on a different and deeper ground than mere organized religion can ever achieve by itself.

Do you have a sense of God increasing upon your life?

Are you listening even more regularly to Wisdom within?

God is forever with you and for you, will you choose to acknowledge Him in all of your ways today?

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