God is not an Object of Knowledge by Robert Ricciardelli

God is not an Object of Knowledge by Robert Ricciardelli April 3, 2012

God refuses to be known as an object of knowledge. God cannot be known like we know a tree or a book. God can only be known as a life that encompasses all of life. It is a deep reciprocal knowing, a faith knowing that leads to knowing as fully as we are known. It is a participatory enlightenment by His Spirit rather than a privatized knowing of an object of creation. Knowing God is an experience of God that is deep and wide enough to hold together all other experiences in life. It is a paradox in that it becomes a relationally intimate certainty of Love that also includes a vastness of what is yet to be revealed.

Theology can teach about God. Can you see how there can be a knowledge of God without really knowing Him?

How are you participating in the knowing of God each day?

In the experience of God and His love, are you observing the uniqueness of how He delivers that same love through your life?

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