God Never Changes, But We Do by Robert Ricciardelli

God Never Changes, But We Do by Robert Ricciardelli June 5, 2012

We have heard it said that God never changes, and that is eternally true. He is always loving, forgiving, truthful, merciful, graceful, compassionate, slow to anger, and faithful. But God can sometimes change His mind about a situation due to the prayerful requests of His children. If there is a situation that He chooses not to change, He still responds by changing us in the midst of our tough circumstances. He knows what is best for us, and when we receive His best with humility and a thankful heart, it transforms us. He does not always make our burdens smaller, but He makes us stronger, and beckons us to cast our every burden upon Him.

Are you living in the revelation of God’s love, grace, and mercy for your life?

God uses all things to bring us closer to Himself by changing circumstances, or giving us strength to overcome. Do you trust Him?

Will you choose to cast your burdens on the Lord and allow Him to navigate your path?

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