Great Challenges Bring Great Opportunities by Robert Ricciardelli

Great Challenges Bring Great Opportunities by Robert Ricciardelli November 25, 2012

We are living in times that can cause both great fear and great opportunity. These are seasons where the faithful and wise people of God can flourish. It is not because all is peaceful, or that challenges and hardships are diminishing, but these are the days that great character is forged. As we contend with difficulties, strong hearts and minds are being formed and creative new strategies for life are being birthed. Deep calls to deep and extreme necessities call upon great virtues. When minds become transformed and passionate hearts are engaged, then those qualities, which would otherwise have lain dormant, awake to new life and new opportunities. The Spirit of God empowers and releases these battle tested messengers of light to bring forth His power, presence, and glory upon the earth like never before.

Are you viewing your future in fear or anticipation and hope of great things to come?

Can you identify the positive changes in you that are being birthed out of extreme difficulty.

Engage with God throughout your day, discover your passion, and become the world changer that you were born to be.

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