Humility in the Divine by Robert Ricciardelli

Humility in the Divine by Robert Ricciardelli September 22, 2011

There can be an ugly downside to spiritual insight. Pride can creep in, because we now know something someone else may not. We may take on a loftier attitude rather than the wisdom in humility which says this; “I am thankful for the revelation I have gained in God, yet I am willing to learn from every experience in my life. I can learn from a child, the oak tree, the acorn, and from all of creation.” Our position is secure in God who says, “Stay low my child, and become a servant to all.”

Do you ever feel you need to be right and sometimes become relationally wrong in the truth you know?

Are you a constant learner, seeing God in everything, learning from Him through everything?

In order to be authentic and really serve others, we must walk confidently with the right perspectives.


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Humility in the Divine
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