Learning the Ways of the Ant by Robert Ricciardelli

Learning the Ways of the Ant by Robert Ricciardelli December 16, 2011

The ant diligently works in unity with others and stores food in seasons of harvest. The ant is an initiator and does not need a task master in order for it to do the right things. It continues to work faithfully in all conditions, and when the storms of life destroy mountains of opportunity, they go and build another prosperous hill to work in. One of the smallest of God’s creatures can become one of His greatest teachers. Wisdom comes to us as we consider and learn from the ways of the ant.

Who are you performing for? Are you working diligently when know one else is looking?

When conditions change, do you respond as a victim, or in faith look for ways to adjust and prosper?

Wisdom is all around you and always with you, begin to see the possibilities in every season you find yourself in.

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