Planning Your Life With God by Robert Ricciardelli

Planning Your Life With God by Robert Ricciardelli March 29, 2012

An opportunity for foolishness happens when trying to plan your life without God. God is notorious for upsetting the plans of mankind that are not His plans. Many are the plans of men, and yet it is His plans and designs for us that prevail. Do not plan without God, He will take you around the mountain, or down to the valley in life as often as necessary to make Himself known, and to show you the pathways to His pleasure. God seems to have a delightful way to unsettle us before He resettles us. He has a preferred pathway for your life, Get with God, and have His heart and mind for all that you are planning to do.

Are you making your plans with God?

Have you recently recalled your learning experiences that occurred when you left God out of your plans?

He has an amazing journey for you and desires to share life with you and through you. Will you embrace your life each day as a conscious life in the Spirit?

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