Please Forgive Me by Robert Ricciardelli

Please Forgive Me by Robert Ricciardelli April 14, 2013

I represent God in some moments better than others. If I have failed to love you unconditionally, forgive me, for my God loves much more than me, and without conditions. If I have failed you in my commitment to you, forgive me, for my God is unceasingly faithful. If the words I have spoken have not been true, forgive me, for my God is all truth. If I have even been impatient with you, or angry, forgive me, for my God is patient, kind, and slow to anger. If I have not shown compassion, I am sorry, I missed it, But my God’s compassion never wains. When I have not shown you grace, forgive me for my God is full of grace.

For the times that I was any of those things in your life, I am thankful that I was able to serve you, but cannot take the credit. It was during those times that I was responding to God within me, and it is He who was able to produce them from my life through my alignment with Him. The deepest part of me is God, but I will miss the deep things often and am in continual need of His grace. At my best, I am just a glimpse of who He is, but you can go to Him directly at any time for much more than just a glimpse. He will pour more than enough love, grace, and mercy into your life, and He will be your Companion, your Comforter, and your Guide through all of your life, and for the rest of your life.

He desires for you to live, move, and consciously have your being in Him. You do not have to look too far for Him, for He is with you now and forever.

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