Prayer: The Unceasing Reign of God by Robert Ricciardelli

Prayer: The Unceasing Reign of God by Robert Ricciardelli May 28, 2012

You can never go wrong when you approach prayer in complete honesty and humility. Talk honestly with God. Don’t give God who you think you are supposed to be, but give yourself to Him in your nakedness, who you really are in the present moment. Praying without ceasing is having a God consciousness through all of life, including our distractions, anger, and controls. Instead of a self centered monologue, our life becomes a God centered dialogue that sees everything in front of us in all of its fullness. Let go of your need to worry, succeed, or control, and let Christ reign over your life. Prayer is not about having the right words, but about having the right Center beyond yourself.

How is your prayer life?

What does unceasing prayer look like to you?

Will you begin to talk to your God throughout your day in the good and the challenging moments of life?

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