Repent Swiftly and Renew Daily by Robert Ricciardelli

Repent Swiftly and Renew Daily by Robert Ricciardelli January 6, 2012

We are called to repent swiftly and renew our minds daily. To repent means to turn around and go in a different and more righteous direction. It takes a renewed mind to make the choice to turn and to sustain the choice to move in the better direction for life. But how many times do we have to turn around and start again? How many times must we change? It seems that the whole journey is about constantly letting go and developing an ongoing willingness to turn around yet one more time, and move toward the ways of our God.

How swiftly do you repent and allow for a course correction in life?

Are you a constant learner and are you determined to align your mind with the mind of God?

What areas in your life today do you need to repent or turn away from? Will you choose this today?

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