Restorative Establishment in God by Robert Ricciardelli

Restorative Establishment in God by Robert Ricciardelli November 15, 2011

There will always be forces opposing us that try and keep us from becoming all that God has created us to be. Adversities and unfair situations can discourage us and deceive us into giving up on our dreams. Though you have experienced setbacks, failure, and painful losses, God wants to restore and establish you on this day and going forward. God has placed so much inside of you, empowers you for every good work, and will establish a new thing in you and through you. Shake off the past, let faith arise, and boldly pursue your dreams.

Have you given up recently because of adversity?

Let God arise within you and you will begin to see the enemies of your soul be scattered.

The end of the matter is greater than the beginning, and the past cannot keep you from your bright tomorrow.

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