Rules Will Never Change Us by Robert Ricciardelli

Rules Will Never Change Us by Robert Ricciardelli January 9, 2012

Morality issues accompanied by anger and judgment will never produce change in our communities. What produces change is aligning our lives with God and the mystical way that He transforms us from the inside. When we miss the supernatural presence of God we resort to morality as a cheap substitute. Christ is most concerned about hearts absorbed in power, prestige, and possessions. Rules won’t change us, and we miss godly justice, mercy, and love when we worry more about what people do in bed more than we worry about those who have no beds.

Do you get caught up in the politics of the day that focus on the outward and miss the solution altogether?

Have you assessed how you are navigating away from the attractive pull of power, prestige, and possessions?

Revealing a God of Love that offers a better life for people has the power to change people through the presence of Spirit.

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