Separating Fact from the Fiction of your Mind by Robert Ricciardelli

Separating Fact from the Fiction of your Mind by Robert Ricciardelli November 21, 2011

People often get depressed, negative, and anxious from interpretations they have internalized as facts! Many thoughts become false perceptions that our mind automatically embraces as truth about ourselves and our circumstances. Engage with God in discerning the truth from the lies you have believed, and interrupting those patterns by renewing your mind to His truth. You will become more solution focused and not problem focused, and you will reject the victim identity while embracing the fact that in Christ you are always a victor.

Identity your thought habits and distinguish between the stories you tell yourself and the actual facts at hand!

It is a spiritual battle already won for you, but you must participate in the power of Spirit in the renewing of your mind.

You have received the victory through Christ and must actively live in the victorious realm with God.

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