Surrendering to the Mind of God by Robert Ricciardelli.

Surrendering to the Mind of God by Robert Ricciardelli. August 16, 2012

The western mindset continues to fail us. We have not been practically or systematically taught to see as God would have us to see. The tragic results include rationalism, secularism, and atheism on the Left and legalism, exclusivity, and cognitive rigidity on the Right. Neither is serving us well, and neither represents the grace, love, and mercy of God. Religion has been preoccupied with telling people what to know more than how to know, and telling people what to see more than how to see. We need our minds renewed, our hearts softened, and our vision enlarged to see the glory of God all around us. We must make ourselves available to the Spirit who leads us into all truth, gives us the keys of His Kingdom, and full access knowing of the ways of our God.

Have you been stuck in what you know?

Are you willing to exchange what you have come to know when God brings His revelatory truth?

Will you humble yourself, and let God unfold His mysteries through your life?

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