The Painful Cost to Love by Robert Ricciardelli

The Painful Cost to Love by Robert Ricciardelli November 19, 2011

There is a cost to love, and sometimes it can be a very painful. We are called to fill the gap for those we love as we become the strength in areas that they may be weak. We will also feel the pain that our loved ones go through. When they suffer, we suffer, which instigates compassion and intercession. Real love demands vulnerability which also means that when those we love hurt us, the wound can be very deep. However, we endure the pain because Love never let’s go, commands forgiveness, and in the end, Love always wins.

The joy of loving is worth the pain that comes with becoming vulnerable in that love.

Have you let pain cause your love to grow cold or to expound in the areas of compassion and intercession?

Is Love winning over your life? And remember Wisdom may call you to love and move on rather than hang on in abuse.

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