The Power of Fusion with God and Each Other by Robert Ricciardelli

The Power of Fusion with God and Each Other by Robert Ricciardelli October 19, 2012

We are quickened through Christ to live a life that is born from above. We are connected to God and each other which collectively brings forth the fullness of life on earth as it is in heaven. The divine fusion of God in each of us and through each of us gives us experience in the collective and connective power of God. You will never find spiritual enlargement as an isolated, separate individual, but in relationship with others we can witness the expansion of the unseen power of God manifest brilliantly onto the scene. There is constant resistance that we must contend with that tries to divide and dilute the power of our oneness. Spirit guides us to a life of increasing grace, love, and patience in opposing all spiritual cross currents. Relationship vertically with God and horizontally with each other ignites spiritual enlargement within us to overcome all things.

Do you realize that you are born from above and have been designed to bring the Presence from above through your life on earth?

Becoming isolated from others is to become weakened, and therefore you must limit your time away from engaging with real life and the power that comes from a shared experience.

Are you living consciously in your engagement with God’s presence, your purpose, and the presence of others?

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