The Power of Treating Others Well by Robert Ricciardelli

The Power of Treating Others Well by Robert Ricciardelli December 8, 2011

The way you treat others has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your prayers, and the prayers of those who live righteously are powerful. When we aren’t treating others with love, honor, and kindness, then we aren’t allowing His righteousness to operate through us. We will realize a major power shortage in prayer and in life when we do not treat others well. We should seek wisdom and understanding in considering the needs of others. Forgive others, treat them kindly, and the power of God will move upon your life immeasurably.

Assess the level of love, patience, and kindness you are broadcasting through your life.

The way we treat others is the only thing that matters in eternity, and it also impacts our prayers on earth.

Choose love, forgiveness, and choose to treat others with respect today for effectual prayers and an empowered life.

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