The Snare of Self Righteousness by Robert Ricciardelli

The Snare of Self Righteousness by Robert Ricciardelli November 6, 2011

Self righteousness causes people to boast of minor successes that make them look spiritually superior. They may also get very adamant about moral issues which usually ask nothing of themselves, only of others, and how they need to change or conform. They tend to practice rituals that ask very little of themselves in terms of real commitment or change (like attending a Church meeting). This is what has to fall apart because it isn’t true faith yet, and it will never represent the kingdom, the power, and the glory of God.

Take the time to assess potentially self righteous behavior in your own life.

Are you pursuing a life committed to change and growth in God, or coasting along in rituals?

Pursue the Kingdom, the power, and the glory of God.

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