The Violent Danger of Ego by Robert Ricciardelli

The Violent Danger of Ego by Robert Ricciardelli April 6, 2012

The only thing more dangerous than an individual ego is a group ego. Group egos can think of themselves superior, hate those inferior to themselves, and instigate violence and war. Christ never opposed groups who did things differently in His name, and He rebuked his own team when they wanted to call down fire from heaven to burn them up. The Kingdom is not meant for exclusion of others, but the loving inclusion of all. Forgiveness opens the door for inclusivity and love to those who are different, and yes to even our enemies. The key is to continue to die to ego, and to not be influenced by egotistical mobs that will justify exclusivity and violence in the name of God.

How do you relate with those who think and do things differently than yourself?

Do you ever catch yourself more in opposition mode rather than celebrating and supporting the good in others?

Will you search your heart today and ask God to continue manifest His view and His love through your life?

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