Unity Sees Brilliance in Diversity by Robert Ricciardelli

Unity Sees Brilliance in Diversity by Robert Ricciardelli February 21, 2012

Look at creation and contemplate the glory of God and His message of unity in becoming one with Him as well as each other. For too long, we have been divided through the wrongful focus of our differences rather than coming together in the brilliance of our diversity. Supernatural fusion cannot be willed into being through the intentions and declarations of man. Divine unity can only be created through the presence and power of God within those who have surrendered their hearts to God. In Him we can unite in life’s essentials, give freedom to our differences, and in all things choose love.

What inspires you the most in this idea of becoming one with God and others?

Have you let differences get in the way of any of your key relationships?

What are you presently doing to become further integrated with God and significant others?

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