You are Launching Your Eternal Journey by Robert Ricciardelli

You are Launching Your Eternal Journey by Robert Ricciardelli October 24, 2012

The Way, the Truth, the Life in Christ is not a place of landing, but a place of launching. It is a journey of knowing, and the Way of knowing has no ending as it is a constant flow of life and of being the life. Being in Christ along the Way does not end in death as death is just a departure from one dimension of life and into another. God knew about you before you were even shaped in the womb. Before you saw the light of day God had arranged for you to be a part of him, His light and love to the world. To walk in knowing is to embrace the constant movement or the moving of God and to awaken to the eternal essence of life. We must not get stuck in the past moves of God in our lives as we will not be able to flow in the present moving of God, the life of God in the now of each day.

Have you become stagnant in your faith instead of living your life as an integrated journey of all things?

Are you living consciously in your eternal nature and the powerful presence of God within you?

God has empowered you and you have all you need. Will you choose today to flow in the power of the Spirit within?

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