You Become What You Worship by Robert Ricciardelli

You Become What You Worship by Robert Ricciardelli December 14, 2011

You become that in which you worship the most. If you worship money, you become greedy and manipulative. When you worship self, you become absorbed in whatever brings you pleasure. When you worship the things you do not have, and you become an envious soul that is never satisfied. When you worship God, He lives through you and empowers you to take on the nature and image for which you have been born. Reserve your worship for God alone and become everything He has designed for you to become while you stay the course for your destiny.

Is there anything in your live right now outside of God that has become an object of worship?

Are there misguided desires in your life that have become a stumbling block?

Seek First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and you will grow further into Hs image.

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