Your Now Matters Much by Robert Ricciardelli

Your Now Matters Much by Robert Ricciardelli November 7, 2011

Your now matters much, as you can influence and stir up the hopes and dreams of a generation. Now is always the time to escape the dark and now is the time to leave your mark in the lives of others. You are living in this day to lead others toward finding their way with God. Do not discount your moment or minimize the impact you can make in even the most difficult seasons. Swirling lies will tell you that you are unqualified or disqualified, but Truth reminds you that you have been qualified by grace and empowered for the miraculous.

Are you recognizing your significance and value regardless of what you may be going through?

You are an amazing light for the world that must continue to shine in every season.

Do not listen to anything but this truth, “Greatness is in you, with you, and for you.” Listen to the Voice of Truth.

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