Too Legit To Quit

Too Legit To Quit December 6, 2012

According to the an article in the New York Times, a Nevada brothel owner has been elected to a seat on the Storey County Board of Commissioners. Lance Gilman, the owner of the Mustang Ranch is entering politics.

There are some who believe that brothel owners should be seen and not heard, but others who believe that because brothels are legal and legitimate businesses in Nevada, owners should participate fully in the political process. I particularly like this statement from a bartender:

“You can’t hold it against a person that they’re involved in a profession that’s been in existence since before Jesus walked around in his sandals,” said Corrie Northan, 46, a bartender at the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City, the county seat. “This state was formed from gambling, drinking and brothels and there’s no shame in that.”

So what do you think? Are the brothel owners “too legit to quit?”

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