What I’ve been up to…

What I’ve been up to… March 30, 2012

My blogging has been horribly irregular lately, folks. I apologize for that. I miss it like crazy, but life’s been so full.

Lately I’ve been spending all my time reading and writing papers for classes, and I’ve got some awesome potential blog material from that, and if you’ll all be patient with me, I’ll be sure to have it up soon!

Also, this week, the “Cemetery for the Innocent” (if you don’t know what that is, google it. But, trigger warning if you’ve had an abortion, because it’s a giant shaming technique) was at our campus, and I felt the need to spend hours each day protesting it. The protesting itself was an interesting experience, and sparked some great conversations, even with the pro-life people who put the display up (most of them were very respectful, by the way).

This “Cemetery for the Innocent” was erected as propaganda for “The Abortion Debate,” an event being held at my college, in which two professional speakers (both men, obviously) debated the morality of abortion. THAT was interesting, in both good and bad ways. I’ll probably talk a little about that as well in the upcoming days.

Unfortunately, this weekend, I’ll be going to Washington D.C. to attend the Young Feminist Leadership Conference. I’m excited about learning new things about feminism and activism, and I’m even more excited about bringing those things back to share with you all! Sandra Fluke will be there, so, *yay!!!*

Anyway, thank you all for being the best readers in the world! You’re always so supportive, and I’m sorry I’ve been so distant lately! The thought provoking material shall return shortly.

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