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Must Reads! September 27, 2013

Here are some important and/or interesting recent posts from around the blogosphere. Also, as always, I will include an adorable picture of one of my cats. Enjoy!

A Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism” by Feminists Fighting Transphobia

What we all have in common is the conviction that feminism should welcome trans* people, and that trans* people are essential to feminism’s mission to advocate for women and other people oppressed, exploited, and otherwise marginalized by patriarchal and misogynistic systems and people.

Charity, Philanthropy, and Media Stereotypes: Africa’s New Colonialists?” by Samira Sawlani

The colonialists had one thing in common, that of dehumanising those that they colonised, does society today dehumanise an entire continent by constantly giving it a ‘less than/ more than’ complex? By deciding what it needs and throwing money at it? By choosing to depict and perceive it as a place which needs saving or as a place which is obtaining civilisation against all odds?

A Survivor’s Conversation With Christianity” by M. Dolan Hickmon (Content Note: Child Abuse)

My abuser loved me, and I always knew what I’d done wrong. His attitude was not anger but grim determination. He was taught that beatings would work–and that if they didn’t, his only choice was to beat harder or longer. He hugged me when I was done crying. That made me feel worse, not better.

My Liberation: Learning to Live Angry” by Dianna E. Anderson

There’s no real way to exist as a human with emotional intelligence in a world where emotion and logic are enemies.

Unjust Wars and ‘Innocent’ Bodies” by Kelly Brown Douglas (Content Note: Rape, Violence, War)

It is a rather “commonly” held belief that the innocent should always be protected. Who the innocent are, however, is not always a matter of common judgment…Gender, color, sexual orientation, class are markers that make it virtually impossible for some bodies to claim this privilege.

 “Jesus the Privileged” by Christena Cleveland

I bet Jesus had a sociological imagination. I bet he knew that he had more voice/status/power/influence than slaves, Samaritans, and women.  I bet he was aware of the powerful status divisions in his society and knew that emptying himself of his privilege would come at great cost to himself.

Good News: Marissa Alexander Will Get a New Trial” by Melissa McEwan

I don’t even know why this is in question. Well. I do know. Racism and misogyny. But it shouldn’t be.


Princess Buttercup, making a yawn by Sam Moon

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