Announcement About “Common Grace” by Abraham Kuyper

Announcement About “Common Grace” by Abraham Kuyper August 20, 2019

I am in the process of reading through the first volume of Abraham Kuyper’s Common Grace: God’s Gifts for a Fallen World. About halfway through the introductory materials, I had the thought that I ought to review this book for Schaeffer’s Ghost. About two paragraphs into Kuyper’s prologue, I had the thought that I ought to write a review of those two paragraphs. What’s probably a realistic (if not quite golden) mean between a line-by-line commentary and a single review of eighteen hundred pages worth of material is my loose plan to read through and publicly comment on (on this site) what I’m reading in Kuyper.

Image: Lexham Press

The plan is that every Tuesday I’ll tap out a few words summarizing/commenting on what I’ve read during the previous week. You are all welcome to read along/comment along/respond with me.* I don’t have a set schedule, but in an ideal world I’ll be reading five chapters a week over the course of roughly fifteen weeks, give or take. This isn’t intended to be either a sprint or a marathon, it’s just a leisurely stroll through a book that has been unavailable in English until very, very recently.

If you’re new to Kuyper, let me recommend that instead of tackling a project like this, you read one of the following:

If you’re not new to Kuyper and do want to read along (or if you’re the bold-charge-ahead type), I’ll be using the Lexham Press version of the book. I think this might be the only one available in English, but don’t quote me on that.

In any case, I hope those of you who read along will enjoy it. And those of you who don’t, well, please do dig into Kuyper elsewhere. He really is worthwhile.


*And no, I will be neither disappointed nor surprised if I’m flying solo here–I’m under no illusions about how many people read this blog. In fact, I know that on average it is .00000005% of the population of the planet earth.

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