Fixing Criminal Justice

Fixing Criminal Justice December 12, 2023

Image: Crossway

How can we solve the problems of the American criminal justice system? This is a question we’ve been asking as a society for the past half decade (at least), and one which Christians need to think carefully about. To help us with that, attorney Matthew Martens has written a new book out now from Crossway called Reforming Criminal Justice: A Christian Proposal.

This book covers begins by laying a theological foundation rooted in the Gospel. It then provides us with tools to use when thinking about justice (the nature and importance of “due process”, for example). Martens then makes a series of practical suggestions for specific things that we can do to improve our criminal justice system. While not everyone will embrace every suggested change, these are all great places for us to think carefully about the issue.

You can listen to an interview with the author here:

Dr. Coyle Neal is co-host of the City of Man Podcast an Amazon Associate (which is linked in this blog), and an Associate Professor of Political Science at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO

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