Associated Press Weeps for Gosnell’s Staff

Associated Press Weeps for Gosnell’s Staff April 14, 2013

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In an inexcusable example of misplaced sympathy, Maryclaire Dale at the Associated Mess has written this article with the vomit-worthy title “Philly Abortion Clinic Workers Saw Few Options.”

They say they were just doing what the boss trained them to do. [Just following orders, Herr Goebbels?]

But eight former employees of a run-down [Note the euphemistic adjective; we’re meant be concerned for their poverty here.] Philadelphia abortion clinic now face prison time for the work they did for Dr. Kermit Gosnell. …

They say [N.B., Ms. Dale means for us to feel sorry for them.] they performed grueling, often gruesome work [You don’t say!] for little more than minimum wage paid by Gosnell under the table.

But [I might have guessed that was coming.] for most, it was the best job they could find.

[Right. As long as they didn’t have to flip burgers.]

Ms. Dale proceeds to tell the five-kleenex-box story of Stephen Massof, an “unlicensed doctor” who just couldn’t get a U.S. residency. The poor man. Working for Gosnell was his “backup plan”; he really had nothing else to do, you see—he was backed into a corner.

Eileen O’Neill, the second character in our Dickensian Tragedy, was forced to “relinquish” her medical license due to “post-traumatic stress.” The PTSD likely also contributed to the false billing and racketeering that she is charged with, but certainly you can sympathize with the Root Causes that brought her to this Awful Tragedy In Her Life. She even had to deal with “line[s] of people” at Gosnell’s clinic who wanted painkillers. Will such horrors ever end?

It’s Just A Shame. Nothing left to do with yourself but slit a few spinal cords and necks.

There’s more, but we must close the curtain on this High Tragedy, in deference to the Emotional Feelings of Womankind, who would be undone by such scenes of our day.

We leave but one tale untold, however, which we beg you, Gentle Reader, to permit us. It’s the Sad Tale of Sherry West, who

pleaded guilty to third-degree murder for administering drugs to a refugee from Bhutan who died of a drug overdose during a 2009 abortion.

Here’s the but:

She testified this week that she had doubts about her plea. “It was all so confusing,” she said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I didn’t know what to do.”

Well, that is what happens when you live in a culture that refuses to talk publicly about objective moral good and objective moral evil. You get monsters like Kermit Gosnell, moral ignoramuses like Sherry West, and mobs of scribbling idiots like Maryclaire Dale.




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