Fr. Peter West, You Must Leave Banished by Mark Shea

Fr. Peter West, You Must Leave Banished by Mark Shea April 24, 2018

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Here is how it works. George Soros has planted one, three, six, forty-seven moles in a Facebook group called “Banished by Mark Shea.” You will have read about their, ahem, antics on Mary Pezzulo’s blog here, here, and here. They include such pleasantries as planning libelous publications, anti-Semitism, and threats of violence against well-known figures in the Catholic Church. (Entirely in a jovial, facetious spirit of course.) Soros’s moles meet with the Patheos bloggers when we all get together at the country club, after depositing our sizable checks. The moles say, “Here are some screenshots. Who wants them?” Thus Mary has made Soros happy for some time now.

But this is how we know that Fr. Peter West is a member of that wery same Banished by Mark Shea.



He has been with the group since July 25, 2017. And an active member he is! Here he is engaging in calumny by claiming that Mark Shea wants to “inspire” another gunman to attack Republicans:



Joe D’Hippolito chimes and and says this is the very thing he thought too, and links to his libelous article at The Remnant.

So Fr. West is not innocently lurking in the shadows here, but is participating in the festivities. Here he is making the standard “Mark Shea is fat” joke:



So he retains his priestly character when he thinks no one is watching but like-minded haters of Mark Shea.

But does Fr. West see, is he aware, does he care, that apart from these sins against the eighth commandment, in which he himself participates, that there are other sins going on here—namely, anti-Semitism and open threats of violence (or, at best, fantasies of violence)?











Oh, and yes—now there are rape jokes in Banished by Mark Shea.



So here are some questions for Fr. Peter West. Are you aware of all these things in Banished by Mark Shea? If you aren’t, you are now. If you were aware of them, do you approve? Are you indifferent? Why do you not call the other members of the group to repentance? Do you not know that sins of the tongue put you in danger of Hellfire? (James 3:6). Why do you stay? Should I send this post to your ordinary, Cardinal Tobin?

Only you can answer these questions, Father.

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