Pope Says Don’t Criticize Pope; FaithfulCatholics™ Weep and Gnash Teeth

Pope Says Don’t Criticize Pope; FaithfulCatholics™ Weep and Gnash Teeth June 16, 2019

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The pope said: “In order to demonstrate our love for the Pope, it is necessary to obey him. Therefore, when we love the Pope, there are no discussions regarding what he orders or demands, or up to what point obedience must go, and in what things he is to be obeyed.

“When we love the Pope, we do not say that he has not spoken clearly enough, almost as if he were forced to repeat to the ear of each one the will clearly expressed so many times not only in person, but with letters and other public documents; we do not place his orders in doubt, adding the facile pretext of those unwilling to obey – that it is not the Pope who commands, but those who surround him; we do not limit the field in which he might and must exercise his authority.

We do not set above the authority of the Pope that of other persons, however learned, who dissent from the Pope, who, even though learned, are not holy, because whoever is holy cannot dissent from the Pope.

“This is the cry of a heart filled with pain, that with deep sadness I express, not for your sake, dear brothers, but to deplore, with you, the conduct of so many priests, who not only allow themselves to debate and criticize the wishes of the Pope, but are not embarrassed to reach shameless and blatant disobedience, with so much scandal for the good and with so great damage to souls.”


Oh, wait. That was Pope Pius X.

This is what Pope Francis said:

It is irreconcilable, therefore, to be a pontifical representative while criticizing the pope behind his back, to have a blog or even unite with groups hostile to (the pope), the Curia or the church of Rome.

In the comboxes, FaithfulCatholics™ are having a fit over all this.

Marxists and LGBTyranny allow no disagreement.


Yeah, the dictator in action. You shall obey me. You shall not criticize me.


It’s s very important for Catholics to expose him.


Tyrant. Hypocrite.


He should go and see a reputable Jungian psychiatrist.


Don’t have freedom of speech aka Communism.


This despot of a man is getting desperate.

So we learn from all this that FaithfulCatholics™ think that Pope Pius X is a tyrant and a communist. And they think that Pope Pius X promoted the LGBT agenda. They say, too, that Pope Pius X did not believe in free speech. And my favorite: Pope Pius X needs to see a Jungian psychiatrist! FaithfulCatholics™ promote Jung now! That’s fascinating.

If truth be told, Pope Pius X spoke a great deal more strongly than Pope Francis. Pope Francis is quite gentle compared to Pius X. So if FaithfulCatholics™ hate Pope Francis, they should really despise St. Pius X. I await a book entitled Pope Pius X: The Original Dictator Pope. I am certain FaithfulCatholics™ will want to rush that one into print.


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