The Game Plan for Fatherhood

The Game Plan for Fatherhood June 7, 2016

Hey, dads,

The game plan for dynamic fatherhood can be summarized as follows:  to look your son or daughter in the eyes as they grow and continually say to them —Follow me as I follow Jesus!DadsEbook_cover02

Another way of saying it is this: God, through Christ, is in the business of creating, igniting, and forging faith in our kids. But our role is to create environments where our kids can be encountered by God. To see God, hear him, and experience him. And that happens first and foremost in the home, when we as dads move from outsourcing our faith to the Church or youth group or Sunday school program or “dumb luck,” to father sourcing faith— living as openly Christian dads.

As a Father’s Day gift, from one dad to another, I want to give to you this free, brief but highly engaging book on how to forge faith in your kids.  It’s written from a dad’s perspective for dads!  A Dad’s Field Guide to Spiritual Impact:Harnessing the Power of Fatherhood

Happy Father’s Day!




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