Hullo!* I’m Ben. I… well, hold on, talking about yourself is a bit embarrassing, I’ll get Formal Bio Voice to tell you:

Ben Conroy is a columnist with The Irish Catholic newspaper and an intern at the Iona Institute. He frequently participates in debates on religious and social affairs in the Irish media, and is a regular contributor to Radio Telefis Eireann’s (the Irish state broadcaster) The God Slot.

There! I also want to write stories and get paid to do it, which isn’t embarrassing so much as pitiablly naive.

This blog has a very specific, narrow focus – it deals only with the Epic Quest For Truth, and all matters unrelated to such are completely banned from discussion. Feel free to have a read of my “Mission Statement” post, The Certainty of Uncertainty.

I warmly invite you to come and give your tuppenceworth in the comments. We’ll seek the truth, open our minds, and see if we can’t carve out an exception to the Law of Internet Comments while we’re at it.

It’ll be fantastic.

* I’ve always liked that spelling of the word ever since I read the Famous Five books.