Three Steps Towards Renewal for the Spring

Three Steps Towards Renewal for the Spring May 5, 2024

Spring inspires all things new and fresh.

Plants, animals, weather, and activities all change. There are literal blossoms all around us and the blossoming of opportunities as well. It is a sort of new year all over again in which we can start fresh, dream big, and make new plans.

It may be natural to practice renewal in the form of deep cleaning, gardening, home projects, vacations, and so much more. Yet, how can we focus on renewal of our souls during this season? God is, after all, a God of renewal (Revelation 21:15).

Here are three steps toward personal renewal that you can take this Spring.

  1. READ

Consider an area of your life that you feel needs refreshing. This could be your home, marriage, parenting, cooking, gardening, exercise, scheduling, budgeting, career, hobbies, etc. Find a book at the library, the bookstore, or on audio that will encourage and inspire you in this area. Read the book with a notebook nearby. Highlight, take notes, copy down intriguing quotes. You could even find a few friends to read it along with you and then meet for a book talk to share your greatest takeaway.


Choose a hymn or worship song that makes you feel hopeful or create a playlist of songs about hope and renewal. Memorize the song, learn to play it on an instrument if you have one, play your playlist while cleaning, cooking, or relaxing. Look for various artists who play a certain song and listen on shuffle. You may find new music or artists you like to freshen up your listenin experience and revive a dreary soul.


Start a habit of praying through scripture. One tried and true tip is to pray through the proverbs since there are thrity one, one for each day of a month. Or simply find a scripture in your regular reading time that you can weave into a prayer. Begin each morning with a prayer, no matter how short, even a simple thank you to God for new beginnings.


God has made us to be creative just as He is as our Creator. Choose something to do with your hands this spring. Plant a few seeds or purchase some flowers to put into pots in your yard or on the front step. Spruce up a small corner of your home. Try your hand at a new hobby or skill or reserruct an old one.


Winter can be a lonely time as people are busy with family holidays or often sick or wanting to stay home becuase of weather. Reach out to friends for a walk, a women’s evening, a family dinner, etc. Plan a simple meetup for coffee or an elaborate Spring Soiree. Be intentional about connecting with others who will encourage and inspire you.


See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19


Whether or not you met your new year goals doesn’t matter. Take this new season as another chance to start fresh and never forget that with Christ we can start fresh every moment.

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