Housekeeping November 10, 2010

Eventually, I’m going to fix this place up.  The blog, I mean – not the house !  Fix up the house, are you kidding?  The most I’ve done to improve the decor around here is to cheer rowdily as my husband dragged the couch out of the house and tossed it into the garbage pit in the side yard.

It was a perfectly good couch, objectively; it was just, for reasons too complex to go into here, pissing us off something terrible.  Now we have our stupid old rickety futon back in the living room again, and it’s making us very happy.  For reasons too complex to go into here.

Things they don’t tell you in Pre-Cana:  in a good marriage, you offer unconditional support for each other’s craziness.

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About the blog:  Once I can afford the paid version of WordPress, I have all kinds of wonderful ideas for things I’m not currently able to include.  I thought this would be a good time to ask you, dear reader, what you’d like to see here.  Or, if there’s something about the blog that you hate, or which doesn’t work right, now’s the time to let me know!

I definitely want a blog roll and/or a reader, so I can share other people’s blogs, posts, and articles.  I’ve always felt bad that I don’t have a way of doing that, other than by dedicating a whole post to it (which I can’t do, because it’s urgent that I dedicate a whole 900 words to why the couch smells the way it does).  I also thought of doing a weekly link roundup like The Anchoress and others do, but that would take some organizational skills.

I think I’d like to have a tab where people can contribute book or movie reviews, like a little club off to the side where people can drop in and get recommendations from each other.

Heck yes, I’m going to have ads.  Bloggers:  any agency or program you recommend?  It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of revenue, but a steady trickle would come in handy.

I would like to have a little “bulletin board,” where I can put announcements or, um, jokes or something.  Just a place where I can draw something to your attention, without having a whole post about it.

I would like to have the whole thing load more slowly, for a more elegant feel.  (Just kidding – that was from this funny blog, Clients From Hell, where web designers share the stupid and awful things their clients want them to do.)

Would you like occasional posts about crafts or recipes that actually turn out well?  I don’t suppose this blog is in any danger of turning into one of those holier-than-thou-perfect homemaker blogs that makes people feel bad about their crappy lives, but still, maybe it would be annoying.  On the other hand, there is nothing better than a project that has been tested by someone you know, even if it’s only someone you “know.”

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