Tick spoons are the best.

tick spoon

Ticks are pure evil. Pure, pure, pure, pure evil, and there are lots of them this year.  Here is a product you should have on hand. It makes it fast and easy to remove those wiggling bastards whole:You don't have to touch the tick at all, and the head comes right out. So much easier and less horrible than using tweezers. Tick spoon! Yay.    … [Read more...]

Do Christians do good because they fear Hell?

satan drawing

Imagine that I go for a walk in the mountains. Halfway up, I come across a little unexpected stream, with bracing cold water that sparkles over the mossy stones. The sweet smell of the waving weeds intoxicates me, and for one giddy moment, the shadow of a falcon races over my path. There are berries and wildflowers, sweet breezes and a new kind of birdsong, something wild and delightful that I’ve never heard before.So I tell everyone about it. Most people say, “How beautiful! I love the moun … [Read more...]

When Hell has a hashtag


The BBC says, "if you believe in that sort of thing" because it does sound pretty goofy: A mysterious Mexican demon moving pencils around at the behest of eleven-year-old Mackynzie, who wants to know if Conor likes her or not. Who would believe nonsense like that? If Hell has its own hashtags, how scary could it be?Read the rest at the Register.***Image via Wikimedia Commons: "Rops - Satan säht die Hexenbrut" by Félicien Rops - repro from art book. Licensed under Public Domain via Wi … [Read more...]

Would your kids know what to do if someone molested them?


 I don't care about the Duggars any more than I care about any family in the news. Many Catholics see them as role models, but  they seem to have attitudes about children and women which are antithetical to Catholic ideas. Did their son molest girls because of his upbringing? Maybe, maybe not.  I'm not familiar enough with their parenting style to know. I do know that it's possible for parents to do their hardest to raise their kids right, and their kids do shitty things anyway. It's al … [Read more...]

Only a rightly-ordered heart feels grief


  e know some couples who don't fight very much, but they don't seem to really enjoy each other, either. They more or less leave each other alone, with a sort of low-level, courteous disdain for each other's enthusiasms and flaws alike. They never experience the agony of rupture because they've carefully cordoned themselves off from any passionate unity. They are indifferent, because it's easier. And this indifference is a tragic waste of marriage.Read the rest at the … [Read more...]

The Rubberbandians

photo (56)

Or, Why You Should Have a Bunch of Weird Kids and a Giant Dog.I had to run to the pharmacy, and when I got  home, this is what met me in the driveway.  The little one shouted, "WE ARE RUBBERBANDIANS, AND HAVE SPEARS!"Note that they all have rubber bands on their foreheads (or, as the three-year-old calls them, "our brains."   Also note the progress of the dog. We sometimes sing the Little Mermaid song in Boomer's voice, and it g … [Read more...]

A little fish can go a long way!


He had to rethink his strategy. A good idea is only a good idea if people will actually use it. So instead of distributing the iron in formless lumps, he tried shaping the iron into a fish -- specifically, one local to the communities he hoped to help.Read the rest at the Register. ***image via Wikimedia Commons  … [Read more...]