Little kids, big fair, no tears


(This post originally ran in 2010. We're planning on hitting the fair this week, so I thought I'd rerun it. I'm enjoying the old pictures of my kids, all shorter and chubbier, and my husband hairier!)The fair!  Who doesn’t love the fair?    I'm talking about a country fair, with sheep and cows and pigs and rabbits, and horses pulling stuff, quilts and strawberry preserves and giant gourds on display, and a giant carnival with flashing lights, grinding gears, ho … [Read more...]

Review of SGNFP in the Catholic Herald UK

Wow, I didn't even know they translated my book into British.  Heh heh.But seriously, Francis Phillips has done a lovely review and musing about Humanae Vitae. An excerpt:Simcha Fisher calls her book the “Sinner’s Guide” because she starts with the premise that we are all flawed creatures and that God (and the Church) has not made a mistake in reminding us that love and the transmission of life cannot be separated. As she puts it towards the end of this slim book (only 124 pages; it can b … [Read more...]

Friday’s winners aaaaaand the Baby-Comp winner!

Congratulations to the following lucky ducks! I'll be sending out emails today to let you know how to claim your prizes.1 The Sinner's Guide to NFP: Ann-Marie 2 Something Other than God: Shannon Seidl 3 $25 gift certificate to Robin's Soap Shoppe: Natalie Brankin  4 2 books by Leah Perrault: Laura Roberts  5 Maite Roche board book: Meredith Riley  6 hand-sewn baby quilt: Leanne Stephano Bohannon  7 10 Pope Francis magnets: Brenda Chaudoin  8 Spice Up Your Marriage: Sarah Kraft  9 hand … [Read more...]

Playing catch-up

Today, I PROMISE, I will post the names of the winners for day 5 of the contest. Sorry for the delay! I won't bore you with details, but we had a nutso weekend, and I'm still scrambling to get caught up. Please be patient as I get all the shipping and everything squared away!As far as I know, there were no NFP Awareness Week-related homocides, so I call that a success.  Thanks for joining in the fun, everybody. And don't forget, the Baby-Comp contest is still open until 11:30 AM Eastern … [Read more...]

Less than an hour left to win a Baby-Comp!

Sponsored by The Natural Baby Company of Austin, TX.  The Natural Baby Company is a boutique that specializes in all-natural baby products, including cloth diapers, baby gear, baby feeding products, carriers, wraps, dolls and toys, and baby health and wellness products, and it is an NFP-friendly place!Here is the first generation Baby-Comp they are generously sponsoring: To enter the contest, use the Rafflecopter form below. I know there were some … [Read more...]

Baby-Comp, Baby-Comp, oh Baby Baby Baby . . .

We are in the final hours of the Winner's Guide to NFP contest, day 5. Still time to enter!And here is something else: on Monday, I will be giving away a Baby-Comp (and the Rafflecopter form should be working fine now!)  Yep, a Baby-Comp! This lovely little gadget retails between $400-$500, if you can find it for sale. It's a first generation model, brand new. You can use this device to help you either plan or avoid conception. The raffle begins today, and will rema … [Read more...]

The WINNER’S Guide to NFP, Day five, ALL THE PRIZES!


 We made it all the way to day five! If you're at all familiar with NFP, you know that's quite a feat in itself. And you'll notice I made it all week without making any Oprah jokes (Look under your chair! You get a fertility monitor! And you get a fertility monitor! Everyone gets fertility monitor!!!) --1-- The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning autographed to your specs    --2-- Something Other Than God: How I Passionately … [Read more...]