But it’s not my job!

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Any normal person, when faced with a heap of excrement like this, would go get the shovel and clean it up. Maybe they wouldn't be happy about it, but they would clean it up, because it is a pile of dog poop in the middle of the yard. Instead, I started listing all the things I had already gotten done that day, all the things I was still going to do, and I said, "No! It's not my job! I had enough things that are my job. Not gonna do it. Not. My. Job." Read the rest at the Register. *** image … [Read more...]

May the Fourth just leave my poor three-year-old alone?

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In a craven attempt to grab some page views on a day when I'm too busy to blog, I interviewed my three-year-old about her views on Star Wars. Here's what I got:And it went on like that. Then I tried to take a picture of her holding a Star Wars cup, and she declined, explaining, "Uh-uh. I'm eating my nunch."That's what I get for trying to cash in on my toddler's cuteness. Hey, you should share this all over the internet to shame me for my exploitative parenting!  … [Read more...]

Can they say that on Catholic radio? The Visitation Project can.

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Holy cow, this looks like fun. Three of my favorite Catholic women are teaming up for a new radio show called The Visitation Project.If you don't know their names and faces, you should! It's Bonnie Engstrom of A Knotted Life and champion for the cause of Fulton Sheen, Heather Renshaw, founder of two conference (Catholic Women Rejoice and Called to Love) and writer at RealCatholicMom.com, and Rebecca Frech, author of Teaching in Your Tiara: A Homeschool Book for the Rest of Us and … [Read more...]

St. Joseph the Window Washer


Happy feast of St. Joseph the Worker! I was a little confused (NOT THAT I'VE BEEN A CATHOLIC ALL MY LIFE OR ANYTHING) about the day. Didn't St. Joseph just have a day back in March?Yep, St. Joseph's feast day is March 19. St. Joseph the Worker is a separate feast day instituted by Pius XII in 1955, "apparently" (according to American Catholic) "in response to the 'May Day' celebrations for workers sponsored by Communists."I came across this enormously encouraging thought on Facebook, v … [Read more...]

Carve Out Time for These Few Essentials

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You'll also find regular exercise gives you more energy to do something that is absolutely essential: putting in some one-on-one time with your other kids. It's all too easy for them to feel displaced and neglected when the new baby comes, so it is essential to carve out some special time to connect with them, consistently and intentionally, academically, emotionally, spiritually, and just for some plain old silly old mommy-and-me fun, or else they will grow up to be crack whores.Read the … [Read more...]

New to me: the wonderful Samatha Crain

samantha crain

I was grousing to myself about spending yet another evening and afternoon driving back and forth to town, but at least I had the radio on -- and I discovered a new (to me) singer! Samantha Crain. Oh, what a voice. Here is "We Are the Same"Plus she looks a tiny bit like Katrina Fernandez, which predisposes me to like her.  Love her face, love the aching clarity of her voice, the way she carries herself, and how many stories she has.  Here's "Santa Fe":And here's the one I heard thi … [Read more...]

My horsie has something to say about homosexuals, racism, vaccines, circumcision, autism, sexism, and weed.

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Oh lord, there he goes again!You know this teacher. He's the one who can turn any topic, no matter how thrilling or challenging, into something tiresome and predictable. Over years of repetition, he's succumbed to his own droning voice, and no matter where he begins, he will eventually, inevitably work his way around to that same old, tired old pet theory or phrase.You can lay bets on who can be the first to make him drag in Sartre, nativism, or Nikita Khrushchev's shoe. If you're really … [Read more...]