Four major Catholic journals: End the death penalty


I used to favor the death penalty. It feels right, bracing, and perfectly just. When people commit intolerable crimes, they should be removed from society, cleanly and permanently. It just feels right.But as civilized people, the powers we grant to the state must be based on facts, not on feelings. Here are the facts about the death penalty in the United States:It does not decrease crime. It does not bring closure to the families of victims. It is not the only way, in this country, … [Read more...]

Happy one week old!

a bouquet of little toeses

Dear Corrie slept last night. Not all the way through, but enough that I don't have clear memories of what happened last night, which is a very good thing! Here are a few views of the little lady at one week old:   Happy birthday week, sweet Corrie! We're so glad you're here. … [Read more...]

Service-based family trips?

service project

Great question from a reader:I appreciated your article in Catholic Digest about worthwhile charities.  I was wondering if, in your research, you may have come across any charities that encourage families to get involved?  I am desperately looking for an organization that encourages families to come, maybe for a week or two during the summer, to engage in service in a supportive Catholic environment.  I used to volunteer with such a group in rural Appalachia (the Passionist Volunteers, but th … [Read more...]

Life with darling Corrie

photo (26)

She's five days old and doing great! We're all doing fine. Lots of ups and downs as usual (hint: it's wonderful to be back at Mass after missing last week, but I wish I had remembered to bring tissues for the reading about Abraham and Isaac. Yeesh), but she has figured out how to nurse, I remember how to put onesies on babies, and we're all settling in. Here are a few pics of the last few days.   In no particular order, here are various people enjoying … [Read more...]

Introducing Cornelia Roxane Fisher!

baby blanket

Born Wednesday morning, 10 lbs., 1 oz., 22 inches long, nice and pink: She is exquisite.Here she meets Benny:Here she is joining some of the rest of the sisterhood (note how Benny is the first to discover her charming little toes):And here is a little video where nothing much happens except a little, little girl does her elegant, anemone ballet. She is about twelve hours old here, and this is her basic daytime personality, calm and alert:She is very … [Read more...]

Plumeria, pomegranate, sandalwood rose . . .

soap sandalwood rose

My dear friend Robin, owner of Robin's Soap Shoppe, has put several of her beautiful, lush, spirit-lifting soaps on sale for five days.Here are a couple of the soaps I have my eye on -- each discounted to only $5 for a generous-sized bar which lasts about four to five times as long as a typical store-bought bar (I'm not making that up. The delicate, moisturizing goat milk soap bar that we opened around Christmas is still chugging along!):  PLUMERIAIs this not the prettiest … [Read more...]

What we’re up to, besides not having babies

tmc graduation

Just a personal update on things around here. I'm a few days shy of my due date. Don't usually make it this far. I've been in early labor/false labor/stop-and-start labor/end stages emotional purgatory since Friday or Saturday, and have no idea what to expect for the next hour or week.  Yay!This is the first day of a week of school vacation, so it would be great to give birth ASAP, while our schedule is as simple as it gets. The kids are keeping themselves busy, mostly with this kind of t … [Read more...]