Dolce and Gabbana + Catholics = The enemy of my enemy is FABULOUS

N0026050 Whiplash injury

 'Scuze me while I tape my head back on my shoulders. I gots me a bad case of Conservative Catholic Whiplash..Yesterday, the True Enemies of the Church were the Knights of Columbus, because they briefly considered marching in a parade.. Last week, Eve Tushnet was anathema because she refers to herself as "gay and Catholic" without also constantly crying out, "Unclean! Unclean!".Two weeks ago, "mercy" was a dirty word that only thug-loving bleeding hearts would … [Read more...]

A short history of awful pets


You know what's no fun? Being a scapedog. This noble creaturehas simple needs. He just wants a crate with a blankie and lots of wet coffee filters and styrofoam meat trays hidden under it. He wants people to tell him what to do, and he wants to smell their wonderful, wonderful feet. He wants to go outside and then come inside and then to outside and then come in and then maybe go outside for a bit. He wants to eat snow. And he wants to protect the HELL out of the baby, which is … [Read more...]

Frank Underwood and Andy Sipowicz meet God

francis underwood crucifix

This is the season where House of Cards lost us.For the first few seasons, the writers managed to keep up the with complicated, deliberately heavy-handed game they were playing. But when we got to season 3, episode 4, my husband and I watched quietly, and then reached the same conclusion: "Hey, remember Frasier? That was a good show. Let's watch Frasier."Here's what pushed us over the edge. It made sense, at first, that a guy like Frank Underwood would start to falter as soon as he ac … [Read more...]

Welcome, baby! 12 gifts that new moms want the most

baby sleeping

New baby gifts! Fun to receive, fun to give, almost impossible to get wrong.The only truly unwelcome baby present I've ever gotten was tucked into the bottom of a "welcome, new baby!" basket from my church: it was a pamphlet titled something like, "So, Hear Me Out, Now. There's This Thing Called NFP That You Might Maybe Want to Try. . . ". And yes, this was after I had literally written the book on NFP.I really can't complain, though. I'm horrible about giving baby gifts, myself. I … [Read more...]

Happy two weeks, baby Corrie!

photo (47)

Two weeks old!Here is Corrie having a little snuggle and a big yawn: A moment of deep thought: and a little bit of friendly hazing: Listening very carefully to everything I say: And a schnoogly woogly woogly nap: Oh, those baby lips! Oh, those hairy werewolf ears! Here we decided to see who could do the best Corrie face. Entry 1 (The Seeker After Truth): Entry … [Read more...]

Dead Dog Trumps Catholic Authors; Gets Donuts


In today's Shine, Perishing Republic! news:Image books isn't going to be taking on any new authors.Image Books, the Catholic-interest imprint of Crown’s Christian Publishing Group, will cease acquiring new titles, the company announced March 9. In a statement, Tina Constable, senior v-p and publisher of Christian Publishing, said, “After careful review, we have decided to focus our resources and creative energies to continue to maintain and nurture the deep Image backlist…..we have made t … [Read more...]

I chose . . . poorly.


As he mopped up something unspeakable, my husband remarked that shredded wheat might not have been the breakfast for a kid with the stomach flu. I actually think it could have been a lot worse. Anything with red dye #40 in it, for instance. Anything with beef. Anything with corn. Or, what one of the other little pukers ate, and then quietly deposited in the middle of our bed: hard boiled eggs, unchewed. Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius! Which, if I remember my Latin, roughly translates to, … [Read more...]