First Things likes The Sinner’s Guide to NFP!

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Reviewer Christine Emba says in First Things: What especially recommends The Sinner’s Guide to a broader ­audience is Fisher’s ability to use NFP as a starting point to engage with the larger and more universal questions facing anyone attempting to live out a Christian life day to day. What is prudence? How does one persevere in adversity? What does charity actually look like in relationships, and in daily life? As Fisher asks, “Does God just hate women, or what?” The question “Is it the right t … [Read more...]

Fed court of appeals: No, MA taxpayers don’t have to pay for murderer’s sex change operation

Breaking news from the Boston Globe: a federal appeals court has overturned a district court's 2012 ruling that Massachusetts inamate Michelle Kosilek’s gender identity disorder must be treated with gender reassignment surgery.The appeals court said Tuesday it had been asked to determine whether denying Kosilek the surgery constituted cruel and unusual punishment, which is banned by the Eighth Amendment.The appeals court said:“After carefully considering the community standard of … [Read more...]

Clearing up a few things around here

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Sometimes we all need some clarity And sometimes, our mothers are just glad we're staying in one place for a few minutes.  … [Read more...]

Loving the adult Jesus

Christmas is the infancy of the Faith, and most people find it pretty easy to be happy about about their Faith at this time of year -- at least in the good moments. Even when the season is stressful or exhausting, most of us at least occasionally taste those golden moments where the music is right, the candles are glowing, we're finally holding a mug of something hot, finally hearing the happy murmurs of the baby in the manger.  At the best moments, we love Christmas, baby Jesus loves us, and it … [Read more...]

Zero Foolproof Gift Ideas for the Man You Claim to Love; or, Simply Having a Wonderful Chickentime

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Is it my imagination, or is the Catholic internet just bristling with lists of gift ideas for men this year? Are there suggestion lists like this for women's gifts?  Is it my silly little lady imagination going all kookie again, or is it actually fairly easy to buy presents for women?  Of course it's  possible to go astray, but most women will tell you exactly what they want, if you ask them.  Then what you do is you go out and buy or make or get or do that, and then either add an unexpected upg … [Read more...]

Seven books that fell behind my bed


Seven quick takes! I hope you can see the pictures - WordPress is being a bag of butts, and won't let me upload in the normal way, so I just pasted them in. Here are seven books I either just finished or am in the middle of, perhapsh indefinitely. "Perhapsh" was a typo, but I kind of like it. --1-- Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller.I have never read a book like this before. It's so harrowing and so appealing. A memoir of growing up poor, … [Read more...]

L’Heimlich, Mr. Walker! L’Heimlich!

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 Scott Walker, it seems, once covered himself in goyish glory with this ADORABLE note to one of his Jewish constituents:  Well, it was nice of him to try; he's a real munch. We only hope this won't sour relations with the acidic community, or make things uncomfortable next time he speaks to the Anti-Defecation League. If it does get accused of being anti-semantic, there are other drinks besides that troublesome Molotov cocktail that he could offer. "Have a t … [Read more...]