Sheenazing, MLK, Satan’s Fanboi, Theology of the Scarves, etc.

1. I've been nominated for two categories in the annual Sheenazing Awards! Bonnie Engstrom's blogger awards are always fun, and I always discover new and interesting blogs to read. Check it out, and vote for your favorites! Thanks to whoever nominated me!2. Don't forget to tune in for Mark Shea's "Connecting the Dots." I'll be co-hosting today, from 5-6:00 Eastern. You can stream the show here. Today is a special day, for today is the first time I typed out "Connecting the Dots" first, … [Read more...]


go forth quotable

Here's a kind of odd bleg.  A few years ago, someone at a greeting card company contacted me, to get permission to quote something I said in a post. I signed the contract, thinking nothing would come of it; but in fact, it's been a pretty brisk seller. Here's the card, also available as a magnet (and mug and so on):I thought of it as a graduation card, but apparently it sells well around mother's day.Since this year's royalty check came within 24 hours of my husband's car … [Read more...]

The Fishers’ Shmedifying Guide to Van Maintenance

Drips, smells, rumbles, squeals, groans, blinking lights, shudders, tremors, mice, hiccups, spasms, heat that won't turn on, heat that won't turn off, heat that smells like dolphin meat, the unpredictable squirting of fluids, and the occasional refusal to acknowledge who's in charge here. This is just what it's like having a car that you aren't making huge monthly payments on, and if you can't live this way, then you're overdue for a fancy pants check, Mr. Fancy Pants. Read the rest at the … [Read more...]

How to tell if you’re in the third trimester

i'm so tired

If you're new at being pregnant -- if this, for instance, only your sixth or seventh child -- you probably know how many weeks along you are.  You will be able to recite exactly which fetal neurodendons are likely being formed at this moment, and can calculate to the minute how far away your due date is.If this is, however, your ninth pregnancy or beyond, you take the longer view:  all you can really be sure about is whether or not your water has broken yet.  Not  yet?  Okay, then you gotta m … [Read more...]

Breasts? Mary? La la la . . .


I'm actually working on a post about whether or not breastfeeding is sexy, but in the meantime, this painting of Mary nursing baby Jesus is cracking me up:  Our Lady of La Leche by Lorenzo Zaragoza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Found via Jen Fitz, who used it to illustrate the karaoke party that you narrowly avoided by going to my virtual baby shower hosted by Rebecca Frech, rather than a physical one. (She also included a drink recipe, a trend which is quickly making t … [Read more...]

A baby shower! For me!

hot chocolate drink

Ideally, I'd love to meet all of you in person, offer you some sheet cake covered with pink, Crisco-flavored icing rosebuds, make you play humiliating games involving the sniffing of diapers, and then you give me presents. Doesn't that sound nice?But since I am here and you are there, the lovely and intrepid Rebecca Frech is hosting a vitual baby shower for me over at Shoved to Them.Is it a Texas thing to have alcohol at baby showers? Because she's got alcohol (or a recipe, a … [Read more...]

Things You Don’t Want Steam In: A Short List

L0006579 Engraving: 'Monster Soup..." by William Heath

image via Creative Commons Things you want steam in:Your nasal passages, to clear congestion Your bedroom, to add moisture to the air in the winter Your bathroom, to get wrinkles out of that delicate silk dress Your kitchen, to diffuse pleasant, cozy smells of a homecooked mealThings you don't want steam in:Your vagina. For any reason.Yes, there are people who don't intuitively grasp this. People who don't realize that "forgotten ancient wisdom" is often forgotten for a r … [Read more...]