Robin’s Handmade Goatmilk Soap! 18 new varieties

Robin’s Handmade Goatmilk Soap! 18 new varieties November 4, 2015

robins soap header

You’ve heard me sing the praises of my friend Robin’s handmade soap. Her Etsy shop is now open for November, and has listed a whopping eighteen new soaps — many molded into lovely designs.

soap home sweet home madonna

Robin’s soaps are just beautiful — especially the multi-colored bars. They are like little works of art.

soap chocolate orange

They smell wonderful, they are creamy and lush, and they last much longer than any soap I’ve ever used. The ingredients are great for people with sensitive skin.

I have my favorites (I’m partial to Sunshine Yuzu — so cheerful! — and my husband likes the plain goat milk bars for his winter dry skin)

soap yuzu flowers

but I’ve never hit a bad soap from Robin’s workshop. Here’s a list of the new varieties:

1.) Cedar Bay
2.) Spiced Mahogany
3.) Sunshine Yuzu (a favorite of many!)
4.) Eucalyptus Mint (100% essential oils)
5.) Lemon Cake
6.) Energy!
7.) Blackberry Sage
8.) Chocolate Orange (LISTED 2 November)
9.) Frankincense & Myrrh
10.) Lemongrass (100% essential oils)
11.) Mahogany (is like the Men’s Cologne)
12.) Chocolate Mint
13.) Rosehip Jasmine
14.) Patchouli Lavender (100% essential oils)
15.) Summer Lilac
16.) Home Sweet Home (was my #1 best seller among friends and family between 2002 and 2012, before I opened up Robin’s Soap Shoppe. I finally made it again, after several years)
17.) Lavender Madonna & Child only
18.) 100% Goat Milk Madonna & Child

Robin’s a single mom who’s treading a long, difficult road. She’s a hard-working, proud Army vet who really wants to support herself, despite her many health problems. Please consider checking out her Etsy shop. Her soaps make wonderful stocking stuffers or little gifts for friends, family, teachers . . .

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  • JoAnne

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for the shop to open again – yay!!! Warning – I buy lots and lots at one time because the shop shuts right down when she is making soap, one time I needed a birthday present during production time – so I’ve learned to buy well ahead. I won’t use anything else – this soap is amazing!

  • sarah

    These soaps look amazing. Wish I could order from New Zealand. You can see she has really poured herself into a great quality and beautiful product. Also understand about anxiety and arthritis. I love the Mary shaped soap.

  • TexasLeigh

    I love these soaps. The designs are cute. They make great stocking stuffers. Unfortunately, the high shipping costs prevent me from buying as many as I would like.

    • MightyMighty1

      These soaps are awesome. The quality is fantastic (although it seems like they are now smaller and more expensive than when I ordered last Christmas). However, it’s $8 shipping for the first bar, and then $1 per bar after that. When I bought about 8 bars last time, I spent $16 on shipping, and the stamp said it was a little less than $8. If I buy $8 bars, I am effectively adding $2 to the cost of each bar, which are now running $5-8 for 3-6 ounces. That is pretty steep.

      Last year Robin had put something up on some forum about how she didn’t like all the people who were telling her how to run her business, but….in the age of Amazon Prime, nobody is getting away with charging a king’s ransom for shipping. I’m sort of torn–I want to support her business, but I also don’t like feeling like my business is taken for granted.

      • TexasLeigh

        I looked up my order from last November. I bought 12 bars of soap and paid $14 shipping, which was high. (A small flat rate box is $5.25 and can fit 6 bars, as verified by other Etsy soap sellers. A medium flat rate box is $11.30.) The same 12 bars this year would cost $19 shipping. Sorry, Robin and Simcha. That’s just too high. I hope Robin starts using the flat rate boxes so I can order from her again.