What’s for supper? Vol. 11: Here comes the quiche, doot-n-doo-doot

What’s for supper? Vol. 11: Here comes the quiche, doot-n-doo-doot November 6, 2015

whats for supper



Halloween was Saturday, you’ll recall! No sense in making dinner when there’s trick-or-treating to get done. They had some cheese sticks or something before they left, then got home and ate their way through a mountain of candy. After a few hours of this, I offered them ham and cheese. A few of them declined; a few didn’t even bother to respond; and a few behaved as if it was the food of the gods, because it was so refreshingly not-candy.

For your delectation, here is my three-year-old, who was extremely pleased with her costume(?) of Toadette(?) from Mario Kart:

cabbage cruz



Everyone in the house was super, super, super excited about this dish. It smelled so savory and wonderful. How could it not? Beef and chorizo, fresh garlic, cinnamon, cloves, olives, and raisins!

The verdict? “It’s not like anyone was retching or anything,” one food critic was heard to muse.

food blog picadillo
Believe it or not, it only looked about this good in the original NYT recipe page, too, and I still went ahead and made it anyway.

Ah, well. At least I got to feel like a good sport, trying new things for these ungrateful savages. But seriously, it just wasn’t all that good.

For dessert we had those Play Doh cookies that come in a tube and you slice them up and there’s a picture in them.



My daughter goes, “I like how this onion soup is just a bunch of onions.” I know. It’s like, “Hey, have some onions!” Oh boy.

I use beef broth instead of water, but more or less follow the Fannie Farmer recipe. They are not kidding when they say leave plenty of time to let the onions cook. Count on at least 45 minutes, if not longer — but the rest comes together in a few minutes. This soup is great served over croutons, with cheese on top – and it’s pretty great just as is, too.

My quiche is really just serviceable (and I use milk instead of cream, which basically makes it scrambled egg pie), but it’s bright and cheery-looking, which is more and more important to me as it gets darker and colder. That moment when you open the oven and pull out four brilliant, glistening, golden, sunny, fragrant pies . . . it makes up for a lot.

cabbage cruz

Here comes the quiche, doot-n-doo-doot . . . here comes the quiche, and I say . . . it’s all ham. (Actually, two ham and cheddar, two sausage and mozzarella. I forgot I had feta in the house, or I would have done at least one feta and spinach.)



Nothing to report. Ground beef in jarred meat sauce. Again, it wasn’t candy, and it wasn’t those awful cookies that I couldn’t seem to stop eating.

At one point during the day, I hauled out the massive bag of pumpkin guts and sorted seeds for about an hour. I got about a fifth of the way through.  I do love roasted pumpkin seeds. Looks like the kids have a project for the weekend.

food blog pumpkin guts


I’m probably the only person in the world who has attempted to make a copycat recipe of Burger King’s awful little chicken wraps. It’s just a hunk of white meat, a slab of iceberg lettuce, some shredded cheese, and some kind of orange salad dressing, wrapped indifferently in a cold flour tortilla and hurled out the window without even offering a receipt. You may or may not get a straw.

I took this photo thinking, "Maybe they don't know what chicken looks like!"
I took this photo thinking, “Maybe they don’t know what chicken looks like!”

I remembered about the feta this time, so we also had feta, plus some hummus. But no ketchup.


I like how squash tastes, but I really, really like how it looks like those enormous gaudy wall hangings they put in hospitals. Check it out:

food blog squash 3


food blog squash 1


food blog squash 2

Do I have a follow-up joke here? No, I do not. Squash is pretty, the end.


And we are off to Syracuse! I believe Mr. Husband and I (and Corrie) will be attending some sort of banquet when we get there. The kids will no doubt dine upon strawberries, sugar, and cream. And roasted pumpkin seeds, maybe!

Question of the week: Still got candy? I ate the last piece of Starburst this morning.

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  • DeirdreMundy

    We still have SO MUCH CANDY. Kids went trick-or-treating twice (nursing homes on Th, down the street on Sat.) and ended up with 5lbs each. (except the toddler, who had more like 6 or 7, because the old ladies in the nursing home loved him.)

    And people were giving out a ton of CHOCOLATE this year!

    We ration it, though. The goal is to make the Halloween stuff last until the first Sat. in Dec. Then we have the “St. Nicholas Day Parade” and the kids end up with another couple of pounds of chocolate each.

    I have never lived in a place before where people give children so much chocolate! (And popcorn and hot dogs. Everywhere you go, people feed your children!)

  • Emily Kimmel

    I…ok, last week was a blur, but I’ll try.

    Monday: Chicken Enchiladas with rice and black-eyed-peas I dug out of the freezer.
    Tuesday: Bean soup in the crock pot.

    Wednesday: Sesame pork (you fry pork in veggie or sesame oil, and add honey, soy sauce, garlic, sesame seeds, and broccoli. Tastes almost like Chinese take out) with rice.
    Thursday: Oven fried chicken (I made the breading out of frozen cornbread I found in the freezer mixed with Parmesan out of little envelopes that you get at a pizza place and some salt and dried herbs), alfredo-ish pasta and green beans.

    Tonight: Something involving beans. Or maybe quiche (thanks for the inspiration Simcha!). My husband works for a high school in small town Texas and the last football game of the season is tonight, so dinner has to be something reasonably portable because we’re eating at the school before the game. And we can’t afford the nasty-good frito pies or hot dogs they sell at the concession stand.

  • Suzanne Emery Andrews

    We still have too much candy, it’s the neighborhood.

    I actually wrote a blog post about our meals this week, so here’s the link: http://everydaysaparty.blogspot.com

    If you read the next most recent post, it was about vomit so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Amanda

    We got very little candy this year. Our daughter is only two and we didn’t even take her out on Halloween–we live in an apartment complex and no one goes trick or treating in apartment complexes and after our planned festivities at a nearby farm got rained out earlier in the day mama and daddy preferred staying in with beer margaritas and she didn’t know the difference. :-p Our little parish playgroup did trick-or-treating through the church offices earlier in the week though so we have a little bit of candy. I rarely allow the toddler to have it though because she is such a ridiculously poor eater that she never eats enough real food for me to feel good about giving her junk. Our week in food:

    Saturday–an acceptable chili recipe, and unacceptable, blah homemade sriracha biscuits. Won’t bother linking the terrible biscuit recipe, but here’s the chili: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/24265/chili-ii/?internalSource=search%20result&referringContentType=search%20results It really needed more time on the stove than I gave it though, it still had kind of a raw wine taste that wasn’t super appealing. A little bit better as leftovers.

    Sunday–Mexican pizzas, on crisped tortillas with refried beans, seasoned ground beef, picante sauce, cheese, fresh tomatoes, and green onions. The husband really did not care for it for some reason, I’m honestly not sure why. I thought it was pretty good, but he point blank requested I never make them again so I probably never will!

    Monday–I forgot that dinner was a thing I was supposed to do until mid-afternoon so I went to the freezer and pulled out some leftover veggie pasta with (amazing) garlic cauliflower sauce and a pack of smoked sausages. It was surprisingly delicious, was pleased the cauliflower sauce held up so well to freezing and reheating!

    Tuesday–pretty good “bruschetta” chicken over angelhair pasta (did not actually use a grill, browned it on stovetop and finished in oven): http://allrecipes.com/recipe/215697/deborahs-grilled-chicken/?internalSource=search%20result&referringContentType=search%20results

    Wednesday–tried the braised pork in red wine you’d linked last week. I thought it was really good but my husband seemed unimpressed. I can’t always tell what will suddenly be unappealing to him for mysterious reasons.

    Thursday–Our favorite burgers with goat cheese, green chile, and candied bacon with a side of crispy potatoes

    Friday–it’s been a long week with some major stuff for my husband at work leading him to get home pretty late most days so we’re celebrating the end of it with a little date night at home with wine and fancy cheese after the toddler goes to bed!

  • Eileen

    We live in one of those neighborhoods where Halloween is a really big deal so we have tons of candy left over even though only our 3 youngest went out. Lots of parents in costumes drinking adult beverages and folks sitting outside their homes offering beer, wine, and cider in plastic cups to the grown ups and candy to the kids. I don’t limit what candy or anything else the kids eat. They’ve had to learn on their own how much they can handle without getting sick. But learn they do. I, on the other hand, told the kids to hide their Milky Ways from me. 😉

    Saturday: Kids just ate candy Husband and I ate chicken salad.
    Sunday: I grilled chicken We had broccoli and Pillsbury biscuits with it
    Monday: I made the carnitas in the crock pot again – I got the recipe here. The boys love it. Also some salad which only my husband and I and two of our boys ate.
    Tuesday: We had leftover carnitas and salad and cereal and dino chicken nuggets and whatever
    Wednesday: There was a manager’s special on shaved beef steak (3.99/lb!) so I bought 3 pounds (should have bought 4) and we had homemade cheesesteaks. I was out of salad and so I gave the kids their choice of cold broccoli with ranch dressing or celery with peanut butter for an appetizer.
    Thursday: Chicken vegetable stir fry
    Friday: Probably Kraft mac and cheese for the kids. Probably broccoli with cheese sauce for me and chicken salad for my husband.

  • Laura Grimes

    Farthest back I can remember is Monday–date night! DH and I watched The Intern–fun, though sappy–and tried a mediocre Asian buffet in the same shopping center. I’m sure DD ate something besides her Halloween candy.

    Tuesday: Bakery pasties with a killer sauce (simple brown sauce jazzed up with a little packet of the Swanson mushroom-marsala flavor boost stuff that has been sitting around forever). Easy and fantastic.

    Wednesday: Big tasty stupidity-induced crockpot thing I will repeat sans stupidity, God willing. Bought a big frozen bag of boneless chicken breasts at Meijers for chicken tikka masala with Big Lots jar sauce when FIL and MIL come tomorrow. Left them in the car during All Souls mass and thrift run so I put them in the fridge instead of freezer, remembering last time DH did this and the toxic juice escaped but reasoning this bag was stronger. Yeah, right. Luckily most of the veggies in the drawer beneath were sealed and I put the rest (onions, carrots, brussel sprouts) in the crockpot with the chicken and, because it was open, the rest of thet beef broth. Forgot about it while I blogged and walked the lake with my SIL and found a tasty mess upon arrival home which I separated into three dishes: meat, veggies, and broth for customizing (I made soup, DH only ate solids, DD took a middle path). The rest of the chicken is set aside for the Indian dish and I have had two great lunches –about to be three– with the veggie and broth soup. What isn’t good cooked with broth and maybe some meat in a crockpot?

    Thursday: DH’s turn and he made hot dog wraps with nicely extra sharp cheddar. It was a small package of crescent rolls which only gave one apiece and one roll so he also popped in some cinnamon rolls which DD and I happily snarfed while he took the crescent roll.

    Tonight: probably fave Italian restaurant where I go with DH when under a writing deadline sometimes. DD was supposed to be gone by getting on a bus to her BFF in the next state today and fell foul of daylight savings restrictions so he is bringing her back and I will try again early tomorow morning. She is almost thirteen and likes her space though so we’ll probably go anyway and I am sure she will eat something.

  • anna lisa

    The kids were like trick or treating machines. Lucas , who has long hair wore a headband and went as a hippy–duh. We bought him a Grateful Dead t shirt, which was fabulously tie dyed but unfabulously expensive. He took off with his buddies for the first time. Charlotte was the *new* Cinderella with the butterflies, but had a hard time keeping that filmy blue fabric balanced just-so on her shoulders. It was hot that day, so she didn’t care that she ended up flashing her nurples and being topless Cinderella, for a good part of the day. Xave took the prize though. I just bought him one of those blow up costumes with the battery operated pumps, which made him look like a boy riding an emu. He gets an A for adorable, and I get an F for creativity. Slapping down money so you don’t have to think can be sooo tempting, but you run out of money at the end of the week.

    We pre gamed at home, and didn’t bring the bottle this year. One very creative Daddy gave out red shots of God knows what in blood vials to the Mommies and Daddies. It was creepy and fun.

    I didn’t eat a single piece of my kids’ candy, but succumbed to three little Almond Joys in a row that my niece brought as a good will offering, to make up for how she looted Charlotte’s bag. I felt instantly sick, and had to get in bed. Cheap candy is the devil.

    I made two different stews this week, spaghetti, and had one night of take-out. Last night I made green curry Thai stew over Jasmine rice. It was so easy. I threw every veg. that I had in my fridges in the Dutch oven, half of a flat beer, some Chardonnay, balsamic vin. the rest of the red salsa from the take out dinner, a big boneless breast of chicken and a giant hunk of pork on the bone, salt, pepper and bottle of curry from T.J.
    I served it with chives, and a squeeze of lime juice. (alas-no sour cream)
    I really like how the parsnips turned out in the stew. It was really tasty. I rarely make white rice because it’s bad for you, but it says “I love you” to my husband, who was embarrassingly grateful. I wouldn’t serve him a quesadilla with it, saying “no fatty Mcfatfat for you” but he stole one from Charlotte on the sly.

    Oh, and my older daughter was here with her Thai friend. I apologized for my lack of Thai orthodoxy in cooking. She corrected me and told me that cleaning out the fridge and using curry is exactly what every housewife in Thailand does on a regular basis. Yay.

  • Bethany E.

    I actually wrote a blog post for this week! We ate our stash of candy to hand out (and any peanut-y candy my peanut-allergic son hauled in) but our little guy is still working through his Tootsie Rolls and Twizzlers.

  • Late to the party–substitute teaching will do that to a girl. Here’s what we had for dinner this week, at least what I could remember of it. (Sides? There were sides. I have no clue what they were, but there were sides.) https://franciscanmom.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/whats-for-supper-1030-115-2015/

  • Julie

    For breakfast this morning I had three mellocreme pumpkins. No, I know it’s not a good breakfast. But I just love those things. There are a few left. then no more till next year.

  • Anna

    Pizza on Sat. plus candy. I was pretty proud of the Elsa dress I put together for DD from a Goodwill prom dress purchase. I am a terrible seamstress and have never managed to put forth a lot of costume effort, but why not start (and probably end) the year I have twins? It turned out way better than my daughter, who has known me well for almost 9 years, expected. My husband did an excellent job assembling a Vitruvius costume for DS1, including a glowing staff. And DS2 was happy in a hand-me-down skeleton shirt which was covered with a coat. I stayed home with twins and handed out candy. Not so many kids as last year, no idea why, and there were a lot of houses with no light on so a smaller haul for the kids (and less for me to swipe) than last year.

    Sun: chili that my mom had given us frozen. Is it awful that the twins are nearly one and I am still leaning heavily on the frozen meal stash my mom and I made when they were born? Well, we pick up about 400 lbs. of beef tomorrow, so this week’s theme was “only make things with beef from the freezer!!!”
    Mon: leftover chili. I’m pretty sure we had a side of some kind too. Oh yeah, pears.
    Tues: hamburger soup and pumpkin muffins.
    Wed: leftover soup, etc.
    Thurs: chuck roast with baked potatoes and blueberry muffins. Packet of zesty Italian dressing mix, good-sized splash of merlot, and a cup or so of water in the crock-pot with a frozen-solid roast in the a.m. = tender, yummy meat for dinner. Good thing this method works b/c I never think to thaw things ahead of time.
    Fri: tuna salad sandwiches and carrot sticks.

  • We still have some of the 18″ hollow chocolate crisp Easter bunny, as well as Reese’ster bunnies and Dove chocolate eggs. And since we don’t pass out candy, we skipped buying any.